Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day 11: Malad, ID to Logan Canyon, UT

We LOVE Idaho scones… They are like a giant dessert doughnut or a funnel cake but in Idaho they are dinner and breakfast food (instead of bread). After a balanced breakfast of “scones” and oatmeal we hit the road. Full of carbs and with fresh legs we were ready to take on the day and finish the Idaho stage of our ride. Today may have been out strongest riding day to date, with group speeds hitting up to 28mph! (Who would have guessed we’d ever be riding that fast?) The only downside we found to the speed is that sight seeing takes a back seat when getting there is such a focus. When we rolled into lunch, it was pretty clear that wheels and butts were most of what we remembered from the day’s ride.

We were psyched to be joined by Kevin Kobe, Adam and Carol from Utah State, who met up with us just outside the Utah border and were source for insider information as we rode into Logan.

Later in the evening Winter Wildlands, Nordic United, and the Bear River Watershed Council brought dinner (and a party) up to our campsite in Logan Canyon. We learned a lot about mixed use issues in Logan Canyon and the ways the local conservation groups are working to deal with them. We were also treated to Shannon’s guitar and song writing which was absolutely divine!

THANK YOU to all the FOLKS IN LOGAN for making us so welcome!
We really enjoyed your hospitality and support of Hybrid.Pedal.

Check out our camera crew!!! --> Not only are they getting great footage of Hybrid.Pedal they are also amazing us daily with their freakish abilities to longboard skate crazy long hills and to film off a mountain bike, riding one handed with a big ol' camera!

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