Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 2: Sisters, OR to Prineville, OR

Eastern Oregon brings it! After a tasty breakfast in Sisters (where we found a newspaper that covered yesterdays kick-off in Portland) we were met by 50+ riders from Bend and Sisters who came together to ride with us in support of Conservation Alliance Grantees, Oregon Natural Desert Association and Deschutes Basin Land Trust.

Brad Chaulfant Executive Director of the Land Trust and Sister’s Mayor Brad Boyd led our group on a super fun 47 mile ride with peleton speeds hitting up to 28 miles per hour. Not to impressive when compared to The Tour but way faster than we ever imagined we’d travel during Hybrid.Pedal. With long deserted roads, vistas to Skyline Forest and a lunch stop in Smith Rock, day 2 of our ride proved to be every bit as fabulous as day 1.

In large part because Hybrid.Pedal is a corporate funded ride, buzz around the ride continues to spread. Bend/Sisters local news and radio shows came out to interview today’s riders showing that Hybrid.Pedal is having an affect on drawing attention to Conservation Alliance issues. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of Hybrid.Pedal’s sponsors for using their names to drive awareness for the Conservation Alliance and the areas it is helping to preserve.

Today also marked our first swimming hole stop and the creation of the swimming hole rating system. On a scale of one to five, our swim spot in the Crooked River got “two sandwiches.” The sandwich system is based on clarity of water, river bottom type, water depth, and scenic value.

Movie worthy moment of the day: Shannon (Medicines Global) receiving a FedEx package on our lunch break at Smith. Darn those guys are good!

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Ayrica said...

Glad to hear you guys are getting a lot of support along the way!