Friday, July 27, 2007

Hybrid.Pedal Team Doing Great

As doping scandals diminish the Tour de France, the integrity of the KEEN Hybrid.Pedal team remains intact. They've downed plenty of CLIF Shot Bloks, and a few cold beers, but the riders are making their way across Oregon without blood replacements or steroid injections.

I visited the group in their campground in Prineville, Oregon last night and their spirits were high after a great ride from Sisters by way of Smith Rock State Park. Riders from Bend and Sisters joined the group for most of the day. The crux of the evening was swatting gnats. I decided not to tell them about the mosquitoes that await them when they reach Frenchglen.

They are off today for what will likely be a quiet few days traversing Eastern Oregon. The area is rich with Pronghorn and raptors, and wolves are making a gradual comeback to the area, so, with any luck, they'll see plenty of wildlife along the way.

-John Sterling (stuck in my office in Bend)
Conservation Alliance Executive Director

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