Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day 12: Logan Canyon to Bear Lake, UT

“Follow your heart”
This morning we woke up to find Jeff from Yakima at our campsite which was a fun surprise. He’d braved the lightning storm the night before and driven 11 hours from Portland to join us for another day of riding out of Logan Canyon, Utah. If you’ve ever been in Little Cottonwood Canyon outside of Salt Lake or really any canyon outside of Boulder, it’s that kind of beautiful.

The food train continued in a major way when Carol, a buddy of Mike on our ride support, hosted an amazing breakfast at her house. About 15 really hungry riders descended on her house and devoured almost everything in sight including homemade cheesy bread, eggs and coffee (probably the best and strongest coffee we’ve had so far on the trip, not that we’re complaining).

We reluctantly left the cozy food-filled house and headed off for the 40-mile ride, which followed the course of the canyon along the river along a mellow grade, topping off at a false summit, with some more climbing for good measure – around 30 miles to be exact. When we arrived at Bear Lake (the Caribbean of the Rockies), we jumped in the water and swam. Swam some more, and swam some more. Then Bree, Linda, Shannon and Erika got totally lost in bizarre reeds several feet overhead. Check out the picture. All Shannon kept saying was “follow your heart and you’ll find your way out.”

So the sun’s finally setting now and it’s hard to believe the trip is almost over. Looking forward to 80 more miles tomorrow…wish you were here.


Karen said...

It was wonderful to have a chance to talk with some of you on the way up Logan Canyon, yesterday. Kudos to all of you for taking time out of your busy lives to do something that will benefit many. A particular congratulations to Erika Bruhn, as I was told she organized the whole event.

Somehow as much as they're appreciated by the riders, the support entourage never gets enough credit for all that they do. You seem to have an awesome support/film crew!

What a great adventure you took on for a great cause. And the owner of the Volvo has pledged to send a check to the Conservation Alliance which I will match -- a carbon offset payment of sorts... She is also taking the replacement of the Volvo 'under advisement.'

Was great fun to meet you all. Ride safe for the rest of your journey!

Kick ass descent, huh?


KEEN Pedaller said...

thanks Karen!